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Why Use Cloth Diapers?

Reasons to go for Cloth and Avoid Disposables

There are several reasons to avoid or limit using disposables for bub, and even more reasons to embrace the cloth variety for discounted cloth diapers hereyour little ones.

  1. Save money. It’s good for your bank account! It’s usually always cheaper to reuse something rather than dispose and repurchase. The same is true for cloth diapers.  That is unless you get so addicted you buy way more than you need to.
  2. They’re good for your baby. If there is anything about your babies life where you want to control which chemicals they are exposed to it is their bodies, especially the skin around their delicate private parts! Our skin is the largest organ of our bodies and it is highly absorbent. Many of the chemicals that are in disposables have been banned in womens hygiene products and are extremely toxic when absorbed through the skin. You can significantly reduce the toxic chemicals bub is exposed to by simply choosing cloth.reusables are good for the environment
  3. Help the environment by significantly reducing landfill. It’s so good for the environment, and you can feel good about that. Did you know that it takes a much energy to produce one disposable as it does to wash a cloth diaper 200 times? The cloth variety are often made of environmentally sustainable products such as hemp, bamboo, cotton, and wool. Although we’re unsure how long a disposable takes to break down in landfill, it is estimated somewhere between 300 and 500 years!  Since disposables haven’t been around that long it is safe to suggest that every disposable that has been disposed of in landfill is still there! YUK!
  4. They look amazing. Cloth Diapered bubs are so stylish! As cloth becomes more and more in vogue, they are also becoming cuter and more adorable with such a large variety of designs to choose from.

Concerns When Considering Cloth

  1. More Work It’s easy to think that going the cloth way will create extra work. The truth is that they’re easy and convenient.  While the task of washing and drying them can be a rather daunting thought, it doesn’t have to be!  The trick is to get to know the facts and what it takes to have a simple laundry routine.  If you have enough good reasons to start with cloth in the first place, you’ll be more than happy to get organized and make cloth diapering work for you.
  2. Diaper Rash If changed frequently the kind of diaper worn is not a significant factor in causing a rash. Although you do need to properly wash and care for your diapers so there is no soapy residue which can in turn cause rashes. In addition bacterial infection or high acid levels in your babies’ urine can also cause rashes.
  3. There’s too much Poo! No matter what kind of diaper you choose, you’ll have to deal with the poo. If you’re the squirmy type, using a biodegradable flushable liner with your cloth diapers simplifies this process.  You can simply knock the liner into the toilet, flush, then add the cover to your wash pail.
  4. Convenience. Again, this is about making the decision and running with it. Modern cloth diapers do make changing convenient.  Having wet bags on hand to handle the soiled/wet ones till you get home is handy, then simply unzip and throw the whole lot in the wash pail. Yes, they’re a little bulkier to take out and about but if you’re committed to cloth then you can totally live with that!cloth diaper bundle

Using cloth can be considered a sound financial investment, an investment in our environment, and an investment in the health of our children.  It’s time to make a commitment to help our bank accounts, our children, and our planet!

Reusable Diapers

Reusable cloth diapers have been around for centuries although they didn’t always come in convenient styles or fun designs.  Today we have so much variety to choose from it can often be overwhelming.

Some of the kinds of reusable diapers available are prefolds, all in ones (AIO), all in twos (AI2), hybrids, flats, pockets, contours and fitteds.  Each have their own unique features. Some, like AIO’s have the cover and insert all sewn together, but others like prefolds or fitteds require a waterproof or wool cover.3 pack diaper bundle

We like to keep it simple.  Our fave are the pocket variety to which the absorbency is inserted into the pocket, and they can simply be snapped up according to the size of your baby.

Buy Cloth Diapers

You can purchase loads of our favorite kind of cloth diapers right here on this site. Checkout is through our Buttercup Deals store which has a safe and secure checkout with PayPal or your card.

Our cloth diapers are loved by dads, moms and bubs. They keep bub fresh with absorbent with breathable fabrics and fun designs.

All our diaper packs are shipped directly from our New York warehouse making shipping so fast!

If you’re happy to wait a few weeks for international shipping you can take advantage of a huge range of designs, and can purchase each reusable cover as a separate item and can mix and match whichever covers you want!

Our covers come in either white micro suede inners or charcoal bamboo inners.  Both these are great at wicking moisture away from babies’ skin and have the added benefit of drying quickly after being washed.  Our charcoal bamboo covers are currently only available in the double gusset and all in one varieties.

We now have double gusset covers available in both the bamboo charcoal and micro suede although the design choice is currently limited.  We love the double gusset variation as it is an added security that there won’t be any unexpected leaks.  These are especially good for night times as they le

quality reusable diapers

nd themselves to having extra absorbency inserts included but still keeping a firm seal around bub’s legs.

Risk Free Purchase

We absolutely guarantee the quality of your diapers.  If they somehow arrive at your door with a manufacturing fault, simply send us a photo and we’ll dispatch a replacement for your faulty items quickly.

Reasons to Buy our Quality Baby Diapers



Always wanted to use reusable diapers for bub? Shocked by how much it costs to get your stash started? Make the most of our coupons to get quality for less! Affordable doesn’t have to mean cheap.

Ethically Produced

Our washable diapers are ethically sourced from a leading manufacturer in China. They are imported to USA where we dispatch with fast shipping. Love and care are taken in the process of making quality product for our precious babies in heaps of fun designs.

Quality Guaranteed

All care is taken in making your cloth diapers to a standard of high quality. Materials are sourced with care. For the pocket diapers we use suede cloth and bamboo inners with microfiber or bamboo soakers to insert.  Covers are made with high quality waterproof PUL fabric that we’ve come to love and trust for diaper covers.  We also have our increasingly popular charcoal bamboo range, and options to have dual gussets for higher protection against those explosions!

We want you to be extremely happy with your purchase.  If your diapers arrive with a manufacturing fault, simply send us a pic and we’ll work to replace immediately!  Following our easy and straightforward care instructions will also ensure your diapers last.

Strong Customer Service

We always love looking after our customers.  Please be sure to be in contact with us if you have any queries.  We aim to reply to all messages within 24 hours.  Sometimes it is a little longer.  Email or message from our contact us page is the very best way to get in touch with us as Facebook messages are not checked as frequently and it can take us a little longer to respond.

Making sure our customers are looked after is our number 1 priority!

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