About Us

Hello and welcome to Cloth Diapers for Sale.

My name is Heather, thanks for popping by today!  Cloth Diapers for Sale is here to provide you with the information and resources you need to make cloth diapering simple for you and your family.

Once you start researching about cloth diapers you will find a host of options and it can be quite confusing and difficult to find the diapers that will suit you and your baby the best.  Once you have some basic understanding of how everything works you will be able to make informed decisions.  Hopefully we can help you with your journey.

Cloth Diapers for Sale is our family business and we’ll be able to answer many of the questions you may have about going eco with the diapers!  I have a wonderful hubby plus 3 gorgeous children that we have been blessed with.  I love doing life with them and try to make sure I’m spending quality time with them and constantly remind myself to take in the ‘moments’ and enjoy the beautiful parts about each stage of their lives.

We are excited to be partnering with a trusted and leading manufacture of cloth diapers who we have now worked with for some time.  Our diapers are ethically made with love in China meaning we can bring you a high quality product for a price that is realistic for you.  We sell our cloth diapers on this website via our online store at Buttercup Deals.  So you’ll make the purchase here and all your correspondence will be from Buttercup Deals.  I hope you really enjoy the diapers and accessories we have for you here.

There are many reasons you may decide to go reusable. For me, it was simply that I was convinced it would save me dollars and I didn’t mind doing things the “traditional” way.  It was kind of a challenge to me to take this route!

I have since discovered that using disposable diapers actually exposes my children to a myriad of chemicals that most of us would have no idea what kind of harm they can cause to the bodies of our delicate babies.  Once I did a bit of research about that I found it quite shocking that most of us have literally no idea of the cost to the environment plus the toxins that we’re exposing our children to.

Going reusable can actually get really addictive.  Mom’s all over are in love with giving their little ones the very best start.  I hope you can see past the poop and messes and truly treasure each moment with your little one!