Save with Reusable Swim Diapers

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Do you LOVE swimming with your little one?  Purchasing new disposable swimmers for each swim can get expensive if you do it a lot!   When there are such gorgeous and fun designs around of the reusable variety, there are absolutely no excuses not to go the earth friendly path with this purchasing decision!

Best Swimming Diapers for Infants

Here’s our gorgeous range of quality swimming diapers for babies.  When you purchase off this site, please note that your 100% secure checkout is through our trusted Buttercup Deals Shopify store and all communication regarding your purchase will be from Buttercup Deals. All purchases are quality guaranteed.  By purchasing here you are supporting us through our small family business.  We value our customers highly and will return any emails within the first 48 hours, but usually much sooner!

These swimmers are shipped directly from our Manufacturer and take 2-3 weeks to USA.  All our products are ethically made with love in China.   Which are your favorite 2 designs? Don’t forget to use your coupon on checkout!

Baby Swim Pants

Gorgeous butterfly design reusable swim diaper

Butterfly Design Swim Diaper

Our fantastic range of swim pants is full of fun designs.  Do you have a girly girl who loves butterflies?  We have at least 3 butterfly designs from you to choose from.  Of course we can’t pass up the super yummy Ice Cream design, and an all time customer fav is the Pink Monkeys.

Our best sellers in the boys range are hands down the Fire Rescue design and a close second is the Spiderman inspired Spider Web design along with our sweet Blue Monkey design.  Camo is also a very popular design for the little boys.

Make sure you check out all the designs, as there are almost 50 to choose from.  You’re guaranteed to love at least 5 of them, making it  a little hard to choose.  You don’t need to limit your purchase to one though, having 2 or even 3 if you’re a frequent swimmer just makes life that little bit easier.

Diapers for Babies Swimming

Using these diapers in the pool or at the beach essentially keep the solids messes contained and consequently out of the water you are swimming in. Win win for all!  Cleaning up is easy, if you do end up with a ‘used’ diaper, just dump the solids into a toilet, rinse under the laundry tap and chuck into the washer.

They are light in the water because they don’t have an absorbent layer.  This is so the swimmy nappy doesn’t get weighed down in the water which would make it extremely uncomfortable.

Reusable swim diaper in the fire rescue design

Fire Rescue Design Swim Diaper

The soft to touch outer layer is 100% PUL which is what modern cloth diaper covers are made from and the inner layer is a soft nylon mesh which makes cleaning up messes easy and is very gentle on babies skin.

Reusable Swim Diaper Sizes

These are so versatile because they snap up small for little bubs, and you can adjust the size for when bub gets bigger.  You don’t need to buy bigger sizes as they grow which makes these such great value for your dollars.  Generally these suit babies up to three years depending on how big your three year old is.

These are designed to be machine washable in cool to warm water – no more than 86F as the bonding between the waterproof layer and the cute design can release which is not fun.  So machine wash in a mesh laundry bag in cool to warm water. They don’t take long to hang dry ready to use again. Never put in a tumble dryer and do not iron.

If you order a swim diaper today you’ll get an extra 25% off when you use coupon code: SWIM2XTX in the order summary discount section when you checkout.